Serving individuals and corporate clients throughout New York and New Jersey.

Counseling and advocating for employees.

Often, it is easy for a potential client to not be certain of what legal rights they have, or whether certain of their rights have been violated.  That’s where I come in.  I have been practicing employment law in state and federal courts in New York and New Jersey for nearly twenty years and have helped clients identify and achieve their legal goals. 

If you have been terminated and given a severance package or if you believe that you have been mistreated by an employer in some way, you need legal advice regarding your rights and options.  I am delighted to offer a free initial consultation to address your situation and discuss potential remedies.


Counseling and advocating for corporate clients.

I have extensive experience representing entities, employers and employees.  In my first ten years as a litigator, I worked with a firm representing dynamic corporate clients.

Focusing on business disputes and employment law, I have a depth and breadth of a multi-faceted perspective.  I am able to provide a balanced view for corporate clients concerning their legal obligations and rights, while also working to counsel employers about compliance with current laws and using best practices to avoid litigation, navigate complex regulations and defend litigation matters.

Beyond employment law, I handle commercial disputes, whether business to business, or on behalf of investors and partners.